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The often-forgot about area of self-defense is stretching and breathing. Many training programs seek to explain self defense or martial arts concepts and leave out this important area of study. This program will provide a wealth of knowledge on how to develop good stretching and breathing techniques of which will enhance many aspects of life to include self defense. 
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Pressure points and submission holds! An often forgot about effective combination for street self defense, and once again, Joe shows his versatility, by combining, and demonstrating the two, extremely well. With lots of folks focused nowadays on submissions and their legal counters, (from a sport aspect), few seem to show, or give us a glimpse, on the street effective sneaky little tricks, through the use of pressure points, to counter these. 

In the previous review, Tape # 2, we we're blown away by Joe's ability to effectively combine strikes, kicks, and jujitsu. However in this video Joe intentionally sets most of the striking and kicking aside. He constantly emphasizes that in this video we're going to try not to inflict as much injury, and focus on mainly controlling the opponent, and getting him to submit. Joe does occasionally tell the viewer here-and-there, that one might need to "soften up" a stronger opponent with a strike, if a technique doesn't immediately work. And if one has the previous video we reviewed (Tape # 2), they'll have 2 great videos that will give them a ton of ideas on how to do incorporate striking, kicking, submissions/come-a-longs, and pressure points. 

This video starts out with Mr. Saladino showing about 40 different pressure points up and down the body, and then he goes into incorporating the use of these, with submissions, in different self defense scenarios. The tape is broken down into the...

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