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Gao Bagua Zhang Ba Gua Pakua Chang Xing yi Chuan Master CS Tang 4 DVD set

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This auction is for a Set of 4 Gao Style Bagua Zhang DVD’s By Master CS Tang, this series cover the 8 Basic Palm Changes, 8 Mother Palms, 64 Palms/2 Person Partner Set, Chin Na and more.

Region: 0 Language: English Subtitles Format: NTCS

              Gao Bagua Zhang 4 DVD Set by Master CS Tang

DVD 1 - Xian Tien - Gao Bagua 8 Mother Palms & Chin Na Form

5 Relaxation Methods, Circle Walking, Individual Movements, Linking Form, 2 Man Drill, Chin Na Drill

DVD 2 - Xian Tien - Gao Bagua - 8 Big Palms & Linking Form Individual Movements, First Linking Form, Second Linking Form, Illustration of 2 men drill

DVD 3 - Ho-Tien - Gao Bagua 64 Palms & Linking Form

64 Palm Solo Forms, 64 Palms Linking Form, Application

DVD 4 - Ho-Tien - Gao Bagua 64 Palms 2 Man Drilling Form

64 Palms Front view, 64 Palms Close up view, 64 Palms Side view


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