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Cheng Bagua Zhang Ba Gua Pakua Xing Yi Complete System 7 DVD Set! Sifu AT Dale

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This auction is for a complete and comprehensive set on ths Cheng Ting Hwa Bagua Zhang System. 7 DVD’s in total, and over 400 Minutes of video. This Series is the most comprehensive set available on The Cheng Ting Hwa Style of Bagua Zhang

It includes 6 Single DVD’s and 1 Double DVD’s. It also has 2 PDF books and the Complete Cheng Bagua curriculum documented on PDF format.

The Sifu on these DVD’s is Master Andrew Dale, a Student of Cheng Bagua Master Zhang JieAll DVD are NTSC Region Fee, and in English

Cheng Ting Bagua Zhang System on DVD

Bagua Zhang DVD # 1: Basics

Basic Drills

Stepping & Walking Patterns

Walking the Circle

Inner Palms

Qi Gong

Zhan Zhuang


Bagua Zhang DVD # 2 Bagua Changes

8 Mother Forms

Old 8 Changes

8 Swimming Body Changes

Wang Xujin 8 Changes

Dragon Palm

Liang Yi Quan


Bagua Zhang DVD # 3: BaGua Weapons

Crescent Knives

Cyclone Saber

Dragon Sword

Continuous Turning Sword

 7 Star Staff 1

7 Star Staff 2

Short Staff Drills

Cyclone Cane


Bagua Zhang DVD #4: Bagua Training Forms

8 Elbow Strikes

8 Palm Strikes

8 Back Fist Strikes

8 Punching Strikes

Single Palms Styles

Double Palms Styles

Flowing Palms...

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