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DVD Skills of QinNa Capture Cheng Style Bagua Series VCD

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DVD Skills of QinNa Capture Cheng Style Bagua Series VCD



Yin Style Bagua is a combat art which makes use of intricate stepping, circling, and spiraling techniques coupled with devastating strikes and grasps to confuse, misdirect and defeat single and multiple opponents. This Bagua style is named after Yin Fu who was Dong Haichuan's first and best taught student. Yin spent twenty years with Dong, including many of them collecting taxes for the Court in Inner Mongolia. There it is said that they practiced morning, noon, and night, and it was during that time that Yin learned the entire system. Yin became quite famous as well, and the style and flavor of Bagua that he began to teach became known as Yin Style Bagua.

Master Wang ShangZhi is the 4th generation inheritor of Yin style Bagua. And it is going to be an splendid experience to learn Fundamental Postures from professional Kung Fu master Wang ShangZhi.

Although the instruction in this video is given in Chinese Mandarin and NO English subtitles provided. That is not a major problem as the teachers are of the highest caliber and the demonstrations are clear. Handworks and Footworks are clearly demonstrated with master’s well structured instructions. Each of the important movements are given repeatedly with slow motion camera slots. For people who DOES NOT speak Chinese, it is also a beneficial Kung Fu reference.

Lecturer: Ma Lincheng
Format: VCD
Language Speaking: Chinese.  

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