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Emei Bagua Ba Gua Zhang Helen Liang Tai Chi Chuan Xing Yi Kung Fu 3 DVD Set

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This Auction is for a 3 DVD set on Emei Style BaguaZhang by Master Master Helen Liang

Language: English, Region: 0, Format: NTSC

Swimming Body Bagua Zhang

Emei Swimming Body Baguazhang: is and internal art of self defense and self cultivation, based on the Daoist symbol known as Bagua, or 8 Trigrams. It is a series of 8 postures & moves in Circles. Emei Swimming Body Baguazhang descends from Emei Mountain, where some belief Bagua originated and the land of legendary warriors. The Swimming Body method is known for its sudden walking, turning and changing positions. It is also called Swimming Body, Run Time: 70 minutes

 Bagua Dear Horn Knives

Deer Horn Knives are one of the unique weapons of Chinese Martial Arts. They are practiced in the style of Bagua, which is a major internal style alongside Tai Chi and Xing-Yi. Bagua is based on soft, circular movements. Related to the prophetic combinations of the I-Ching, Bagua is constantly changing so as to always keep the opponent at a disadvantage. Bagua Deer Horn Knives combine grace and fluidity with razor-sharp precision. This is an excellent training tool for anyone looking to refine their skills. This DVD features Master Helen Liang. She will reveal to you the secrets behind this mysterious weapon. She breaks down the form into sections for easy learning, showing the individual movements along with applications. She is assisted by Master He Tao.  Run Time: 45 minutes

Bagua Sword (Jin)  “Shu Shan (Emei) Xiao Yao”

This Bagua sword comes from the Shu Mountain Range, where Emei Mountain lies. Many captivating stories and legends have told for generations about the sword immortals living in this area. Xiao Yao means to accord or comply with ones heart, to do something ones heart dedicates with no restraint. When applied to the martial arts, it means that when ones martial arts skill reaches a...

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