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Hand Forged Kung Fu Ninja Johyo Rope Dart Kunai Tai Chi Shaolin Sheng Biao

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Hand Forged Ninja Johyo 

Shaolin Rope Dart


Sheng Biao

The rope dart is a long rope with a metal dart attached to one end. This was a tool from ancient times, which allows the user to throw the dart out at a long range target and use the rope to pull it back. The rope dart can be used for twining, binding, circling, hitting, piercing, tightening, and other techniques.

Rope dart play consists of twining, shooting, and retrieval. Twining and shooting can be done from any joint such as foot, knee, elbow, and neck. The rope is anchored on the left hand and played primarily with the right hand.

Skillful use of the rope dart can easily trick an opponent because the dart can shoot out very suddenly.


Blade Length - 6 1/2" (inches) overall

Blade Width - 1" (inch)

550 # Rope Length - 11' (feet) {Contact me for more length}

Finger Ring Width - 2" (inches)

I use 550 pound paracord for the rope so there is no fear of breaking while spinning the blade through the air. The finger grip ring is attached by tying a triple box knot then adding a strong clear glue to the knots so it never slips from its tightest position.  Same goes for the connection to the blade ring.

Metal Material is Mild Steel packed by hand then heated to a sunset orange color. Quenched in ice cold low oxygen water to reduce uneven hardening.


The steel of a throwing knife should be soft and just slightly bendable; if it doesn't bend, the knife will break. The constant cracking impact of hits - and, far more damaging, misses - will eventually snap standard knife steel, usually at the tip, leaving you with a useless piece. Throwing knives should be one piece with the tang forming the handle. Rivets, Wood Handles, and Pommels...

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