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Anthony Gallo 2 DVD Set Japanese Sword & Katana Way of Life iaido kendo karate

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Katana A Way of Life: Anthony Gallo will take you through the way of the Sword, the code of the Samurai. You will learn the proper names for the different parts of the Katana, also the proper way to hold and draw your Katana. You will learn how to Morote Giri, front thrust one and two handed, the Suchyoken, vertical overhead cut along with others. To draw and cut properly you must know how to move with your Katana. Anthony will teach you 6 different Setas. An entire Bokken Kata is included on this video.
The Japanese Oar:The Oar is one of the oldest weapons in existence. The Eku, which was a simple paddle for the fisherman was turned into a deadly weapon. The techniques taught on this tape include: Quick movements with blocks and strikes from all angles, defending from multiple attackers. The suburis are Oji Waza, Urimi Uchi Komi, Sanpouhi Naga, Ayumi Uchi Ashi and Gaeshi Hiza Naga. The long form kata will take all of the techniques from all of the suburis and combine them into one kata.

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