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Kenpo Karate Self-Defense Techniques (21) DVD Set with LARRY TATUM

VOLUME 1:  YELLOW BELT TECHNIQUES - Dedication & Introduction, Delayed Sword, Alternating Maces, Sword of Destruction, Deflecting Hammer, Captured Twigs, The Grasp of Death, Checking the Storm, Mace of Aggression, Attacking Mace and Sword & Hammer.

VOLUME 2:  ORANGE BELT TECHNIQUES (VOLUME 1) - Dedication& Introduction, Clutching Feathers, Triggered Salute, Dance of Death, Gift of Destruction, Locking Horns, Lone Kimono, Glancing Salute, Five Swords, Scraping Hoof, Grip of Death, Crossing Talon and Shielding Hammer.

VOLUME 3:  ORANGE BELT TECHNIQUES (VOLUME 2) - Thrusting Salute, Striking Serpent’s Head, Locked Wing, Obscure Wing, Reversing Mace, Buckling Branch, Thrusting Prongs, Twisted Twig, Obscure Sword, Repeating Mace, Raining Claw and Crashing Wings.

VOLUME 4:  PURPLE BELT TECHNIQUES (VOLUME 1) - Dedication& Introduction, Twirling Wings, Snapping Twig, Leaping Crane, Swinging Pendulum, Crushing Hammer, Captured Leaves, Evading the Storm, Charging Ram, Parting Wings, Thundering Hammers, Squeezing the Peach and Circling Wings.

VOLUME 5:  PURPLE BELT TECHNIQUES (VOLUME 2) - Calming the Storm, Darting Mace, Hooking Wings, Shield & Sword, Gift in Return, Bow of Compulsion, Obstructing the Storm, Twin Kimono, Sleeper, Spiraling Twig, Cross of Destruction and Flight to Freedom.

VOLUME 6:  BLUE BELT TECHNIQUES (VOLUME 1) - Dedication& Introduction, Begging Hands, Thrusting Wedge, Flashing Wings, Hugging Pendulum, Repeated Devastation, Entangled Wings, Defying the Storm, Raking Mace, Snaking Talon, Shield & Mace, Retreating Pendulum and Tripping Arrow.

VOLUME 7:  BLUE BELT TECHNIQUES (VOLUME 2) - Fallen Cross, Returning Storm, Crossed Twigs, Twist of Faith, Flashing Mace, Gift of Destiny, Wings of Silk, Gripping Talon, Gathering Clouds,...

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