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Kong Chi Keung Wing Chun Kung Fu 4 DVD set Bruce Lee Yip man Jeet kune do

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This is a 4 DVD set on Wing Chun Kung Fu by world famous Sifu Kong Chi Keung, these DVDs cover detailed form instruction, drills and Application, I must have for any wing Chun Student.

Lecturer: Kong Chi Keung
Format: NTSC DVD Region 0
Language: ChineseĀ 
Subtitle: English

Siu Nim Tau is the basic essence of Wing Chun. It is to enable students to understand and recognize centerline and distance, power generation concepts and structure of the whole body. It teaches us the concept of Chiu Ying always facing our opponent. When using Wing Chun we aim to hit with the simplest and most direct attack and defense, and how to deal with offence and defense from our six planes. Beginning with the first section, opening step, opening horse, are Wing Chun strict requirements on body structure.

Chum Kiu teaches us to pursue and intercept the enemy. Chum Kiu requires us to have a very clear and real understanding of our horse stance and its usage and our three points of alignment. During a real fight we cannot blindly charge in and attack, and solely focusing on attack but neglecting defend is also unacceptable. During a fight situating, the distance between the two sides will always be in motion and always changing.

Biu Tze is Wing Chun final of the open hand forms. Biu Tze hand techniques are long bridge methods. Attack and rescue/recovery hand techniques are mostly adopted. Motions are long coupled with short ones, attacking from below to above, simultaneous attack and defense, the way of the soft overcoming the hard. It the head is held the tail will rise. if the tail is held the head will rise. Attack strength is like bamboo and like rattan, penetrating piercing power at the contact point. As the opponent draws near...

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