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ESSENTIAL SELF DEFENSE Training (4) DVD jkd jun fan kali filipino kung fu mma

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In this 4 DVD series, Steve teaches short-cuts to learning no-nonsense self-defense techniques that work! 

Steve Grody has trained under some of the world's top martial arts experts including Dan Inosanto (he is a Senior Instructor under him), the late Edgar Sulite (founder of Lameco Escrima), the Dog Brothers, Paul Vunak, Share Lew, and many others.  He is considered by many to be one of the top Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do experts in Southern California and teaches at his school in Los Angeles.

As the streets get meaner and thugs get nastier, the cry for efficient, no-nonsense self-defense techniques is louder than ever. But not everyone has the time or money to spend on lessons in the training hall.  Well, that's where Steve Grody comes in. Grody, Dan Inosanto's personal assistant and a longtime instructor at the Inosanto Academy, doesn't mess with traps, locks, nerve strikes or sweeps. While he admits these techniques can work in a street situation, they take years upon years to master. Grody prefers to teach essential self-defense techniques people can learn in the least amount of time.  He guides viewers through a program of protection methods that involve the hands; feet; and knees. Rhythm; angles; and motion are some of the aspects covered. Included are attacks and counterattacks to hand, elbow and kicking strikes. These are techniques designed to help ward off would-be attackers.


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