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Xing Yi Quan of Master Li Gui Chang: Wu Xing & Lian Huan by Song Zhi Yong Paperb

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The Xing Yi Quan of Master Li Gui Chang details the key fundamentals of the art of Xing Yi Quan: The Five Elements (Wu Xing) and the Five Element Linking Form (Wu Xing Jin Tui Lian Huan). These are the essential forms of Xing Yi Quan, the origin of all other movements, changes and transformations. 

In this unique book, Li Gui Chang's disciple Song Zhi Yong details the body actions (Shen Fa) of each movement and form, showing the correct alignments and power dynamics. The over 600 photos of Master Song in action show his mastery of the art, and provide the reader with clear instruction in the fundamentals of Xing Yi Quan. 

In Northern China and in Shanxi Province, the purported birthplace of Xing Yi Quan, Master Li Gui Chang is a legendary figure in the world of martial arts. Few practitioners have approached Master Li's achievements in Tai Ji Quan and Xing Yi Quan. Master Li Gui Chang's Xing Yi is famous for its emphasis on subtle internal strength and firmness hidden within a soft, supple exterior. In this Xing Yi method, issuing power, while important, is secondary to whole body skills of connecting, sticking, listening and following. 

In his first book, Tu Na Si Ba: The Four Breathing Forms of Master Li Gui Chang, Song Zhi Yong revealed the specialized breathing exercises that develop the soft, supple, whole body power characteristic of Li Gui Chang's Xing Yi. In this second companion volume, The Xing Yi Quan of Master Li Gui Chang, Master Song Zhi Yong demonstrates how the internal strength developed in Tu Na Si Ba manifests in the martial forms. 

In The Xing Yi Quan of Master Li Gui Chang, Master Song carefully details the fine points of each of the Five Elements, and details the body actions necessary to develop proper mechanics and power generation. The Five Element Linking Form is broken down into its component parts, with much...

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