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Adam Hsu Bagua Zhang Ba gua Pakua Chang Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan 3 DVD Set

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This Auction is for a 3 DVD set by Master Adam Hsu, Like New condition.

Language: English Format NTSC Region: 0


Volume  1-  Internal Palms (59 min)

History, Bagua - the philosophy and the martial art, Stationary, Square, and Circle Step Training, Founding Elemental Palm Practice, Stationary Qi Gathering Kung breath exercise, Internal Palms Form, Single Post Wrapping Practice, Fighting Usage Applications.


Volume 2 – 8 Changing Palms (60 min)

Philosophy and Bagua Zhang Practice, Inward and Outward Basic Step Training, Door Opening Palm techniques, Walking Qi Exchanging Kung breath exercise, 8 Changing Palms Form, Multiple Post Switching practice, more Fighting Usage Applications.


Volume 3 - Linking Forest Penetrating Palms (53 min)

Lineage, Bagua philosophy and usage, Close Ranged Root Shaking Leg usage training, Grand Eight Target Striking Palm Practice, Walking Qi Controlling Kung breath exercise, Linking Forest Penetrating Palms Form, Post and Space Exchanging Practice, more Fighting Usage Applications. 

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