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Rolling Body BaGua Zhang 8 Steps to Mastery 3 DVD Set James Rolph Rare Tai Chi

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This Auction of for a 3 DVD Set on Bagua Zhang by Sifu James Rolph, Please note this is PAL format, you will need a PC with the proper software or a multi-region DVD Player to watch these. 

English Language PAL Region 0

Baguazhang as a Martial Art The strength of Baguazhang lies in its ability to issue power from a fast, fluid and constantly moving base. This lends Bagua its excellent capabilities against multiple attackers across open ground. To this end it emphasises strong and quick application largely via open hands and low line kicks. This said, the fundamentals of Baguazhang can provide a basis for the development of other fields of specialism, such as control and restraint, throwing, weapons work and so on.

Volume 1 Sifu James Rolph begins with the method of marking the circle before teaching basic stances and stepping methods. From here he shows you the various inside and outside direction changes that make Bagua footwork so dynamic and effective

Volume 2 and 3 show the 8 Changes of the Rolling Body Bagua Zhang form in full detail these routines show the fundamental hand movements

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