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NEW! Practical Aikido Martial Arts Instructional DVD Kevin Blok - Choose Volume

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NEW! Practical Aikido Martial Arts Instructional DVD s by Kyoshi Kevin Block

Kyoshi Kevin Block has been a professional martial artist for over 40 years, having studied and taught in Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and North America.  He currently instructs and co-ordinates Aikido and defense and control classes for 25 schools throughout the US and Canada.  He was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt in Aikido and awarded the teaching title of Kyoshi by the World Kobudo Federation in 2005 and holds instructor rankings in Karate, Iaido and Kung Fu.  He is also a consultant and instructor to police forces for unarmed defensive tactics training and has been certified as an expert witness in the use of force at the Supreme/Superior Court level.  A past college professor for 22 years in violent person management, Kyoshi Blok has been a guest lecturer of Aikido and philosophy at multiple Universities and Colleges and conducts seminars around the world. 

-Choose your Volume or Volumes

Volume #1 - Basic Aikido I

Kyoshi Kevin Blok will introduce to you the basic principles that make up the art of Aikido.  Beginning with an overview of the art and warm up exercises, Kyoshi Blok readies you for learning the true Aikido way.  He also instructs you on basic breakfalls, basic movements, and basic controls and pins from grabs. 

Volume #2 - Basic Aikido II

Continuing on from Vol. 1, Kyoshi Kevin Blok introduces basic Aikido throws from grabs.  These throws include all direction, hitting elbow, front step-in, side step-in, and reverse hand.  He will also show you examples of variations for many of these basic throws. 

Volume #3 - Intermediate Aikido I

Expanding on the basics, he builds onto the curriculum by providing more advanced pins from strikes.  These pins include over eight variations of control pins, followed...

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