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This book & DVD introduces the long history of the Japanese martial arts, and includes a comprehensive timeline, glossary of terms, and an index. The federations representing the arts of Judo, Kendo, Kyudo, Sumo, Karatedo, Aikido, Shorinji Kempo, Naginata, and Jukendo, as well as various other Budo-related societies and experts contributed to the content. A must have for all martial arts enthusiasts. 336 pages
contentsChapter 1 The Japanese Martial ArtsSection 1 Japanese Budō
Section 2 From Bushidō to Budō
Section 3 The Modernisation of Budō
─ The Teachings of Kanō Jigorō
Section 4 Why Study Budō?
Section 5 The Attraction of Budō
Section 6 The History of Budō in Schools
Section 7 Budō’ s Educational PotentialChapter 2 Japanese Kobudō: The Classical Martial ArtsSection 1 What is Kobudō?Section 2 Thirty Kobudō schoolsChapter 3 Modern BudōSection 1 Jūdō
Section 2 Kendō
Section 3 Kyūdō
Section 4 Sumō
Section 5 KaratedōSection 6 Aikidō
Section 7 Shorinji Kempo
Section 8 Naginata
Section 9 JūkendōChapter 4 Budō Promotion, Research, and Educational InstitutionsSection 1 Nippon Budokan Publications
Section 2 Japanese Budō Association
Section 3 National Prefectural Budōkan
Section 4 Japanese Academy of Budō
Section 5 Japanese Classical Budō Association
(Nippon Kobudō Kyōkai)
Section 6 Japanese Universities with Budō
Specialist CoursesAppendixSection 1 International Seminar of Budō Culture
Section 2 Events in Budō HistorySection 3 Glossary of Budō Terms
Section 4 Index

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