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5 Budoshin JuJitsu Jiu Jitsu Books & 8 DVD Training Series Set by George Kirby

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This listing includes 6 of the following items by George Kirby (1 DVD set of 8 discs + 5 books):
1. Panther Productions Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Training Series 8 DVD setDVD  #1:  GREEN BELT (6th kyu) - Specific techniques presented include basic falls and blocking techniques, hip throw, wristlock takedown, hand throw, nerve attacks, rear throw, drop throw, head turn and shoulderlock takedown.  You'll learn defenses for hits, shirt grabs, chokes, bearhugs. headlocks and handshakes.
DVD #2:  GREEN BELT WITH YELLOW STRIPE (5th kyu) - Specific techniques presented include the neck throw, ankle block, outer rear sweeping throw, rear circle throw, wristlock takedown, corkscrew, shoulderlock comealong, sleeve drop-throw, wheel throw, elbow-roll takedown, armbar winding throw, knuckle press takedown, scissor choke and the side neck standing submission.  You will learn additional defenses for hits, wrist grabs, headlocks, club attacks, handshakes, bearhugs, chokes, shoulder grabs and hair grabs.
DVD #3: PURPLE BELT (4th kyu) - Specific techniques presented include the outer sweeping hip throw, armbar rear throw, stomach throw, armbar winding throw, wrist side throw, leg lift throw, inner rear sweeping throw, sleeve pivot throw, shoulderlock comealong, floating drop throw, body winding throw, thumb winding throw, inner sweeping hip throw, armlock takedown, lapel wheel throw and a variety of submissions including shoulderlocks and chokes.  You will learn additional defenses for hits, club attacks, pushing chokes, knife attacks, shirt grabs, wrist grabs, kicks and headlocks.
DVD #4:  BROWN BELT WITH GREEN STRIPE (3rd kyu) - Specific techniques presented include quick-pull techniques, hand throw, winding armbar takedown, inner rear sweeping throw, wristlock comealong, leg-lift throw, elbow rolls, belt throw, forward finger throw, drop throw, rear circle throw, lapel wheel throw, wristlock and armlock comealongs, shoulderlock hip throw and reverses...

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