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Set of 2 18" Black Octagon Stainless Sai Karate Practice Martial Arts Sais New

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Set of 2 18" Black Octagon Stainless Sai Karate Practice Martial Arts Sais New

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The origins of the Sai are a mystery to this day. It is known that the weapon was most popular in Okinawa and probably originated from a farming tool. What is not a mystery is the effectives of the Sai.

The most well known ability of the Sai was its defense against edged weapons. The three pronged design could catch a blade and, with a twist of the wrist, break it. Additionally the weapon could be thrown up to 30 feet at an opponent, punch through armor, pummel an opponent, and be used lethally or non lethally. Typically the Sai was carried in a set of two at the hip and an additional Sai at the back of the belt. Despite popular belief the Sai was unsharpened and had no edge.

  • The blade of the Sai are stainless steel with a hexagonal design. The tip of the Sai is unsharpened.
  • The guard of the Sai consists of the cross section and the two prongs on each side. The prongs are slightly bent out, rounded, and come unsharpened.
  • The handle of the Sai is full tang covered by a gold and black wrap. The handle ends in a hexagonal solid steel pommel.


Blade Material: 440 Stainless SteelOverall Length: 18"Blade Length: 11.5"Handle Length: 5.5"Handle Material: Imitation LeatherBlade: UnsharpenedBlade Thickness: 0.5"



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