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Xing Yi Quan Xue : The Study of Form-Mind Boxing by Sun Lu Tang (2000)

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Xing Yi Quan Xue:
The Complete Training Guide

The name Sun Lu Tang rings familiar to almost anyone who has studied one or more of the major "internal" styles of Chinese martial arts. Because Sun was highly skilled in Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, and Tai Ji Quan, he wrote five different books on these subjects and synthesized the three arts to invent Sun Style Tai Ji Quan. His name has become well known wherever Chinese martial arts are practiced.

Sun Lu Tang's treatise on Xing Yi Quan, published in 1915, was his first work and it was the first book published publically in China which integrated the theories of martial arts with Chinese philosophy and Daoist Qi cultivation theories.

In addition to the original text of Sun's Xing Yi Quan book, this English translation also includes a detailed biography of Sun Lu Tang and an interview with his daughter, Sun Jian Yun.

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