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Baji Chuan Bagua Zhang Master Su Yu Chang Tony Yang Pa Chi Kung Fu 3 Vol DVD Set

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This auction is for a 3 DVD Set on Bagua Zhang and Baji Chuan by Masters Su Yu Chang and Tony Yang

English, NTSC Region 0

Baji Basics 2 DVD Set Master Tony YangA presentation of Baji basics from the Liu Yun Chiao lineage.. In this presentation he gives many basics, single and two person training, aimed at creating a strong foundation in Baji Quan Basic Training - Bear Step, marching exercises Grand 8 Movements of Ba Ji Jia, 8 Stampings Form – Jin Gang Bashi, Partner Exercises
Partner Form  Baji/PiGua combination form along with breakdownDouble DVD English Language

Liu Da Kai (Lio Ta Kai) 6 Great Openings Baji Master Su Yu Chang
Sifu Su Yu Chang, the head of the Pa Chi Tang Lang organization, shows one of the most important forms in the Baji system: Liu Da Kai. This DVD covers an introduction to the Liu Da Kai form: the True Story of the forms; developing energy of Liu Da Kai; breakdown and applications; combat techniques and a two person form with exercises. NOTE: Sifu Su is an acupuncturist and gives some very interesting information from the health standpoint which is not the standard TCM fare.
42 minutes English subtitles & Taiwanese narration

Bagua Zhang Xiao Kai Men (The Small Open Door) Master Tony Yang Here is another core form of the Gong BaoTian branch of the Yin Fu family of Bagua. This form, which had only eight key movements, is an excellent introduction to Bagua structure. It is comprised of a series of four animals each with two representative movements. We have Dragon, Bear, Snake and Swallow. Once learned it can be performed in a variety of ways including short line, long line, partnered and around the circle. In this DVD Tony Yang also demonstrates an excellent method where this simple form can be expanded into Palm Changes on the circle. He also shows applications of the individual moves. I use Kai Men in my teaching and consider it a...

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