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Xing Yi Chuan Hsing I Bagua Zhang Tai Chi Chuan 5 DVD Set Sifu Ken Gullette

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This Auction is for an Original VHS video This video is in Mint condition and Plays perfect; Secret Door Praying Mantis Kung Fu By Sifu Su Yu-Chang. Please Note: This Tape is in the Chinese language only, Running Time is About 60 Minutes. Disk includes English Translation


Secret Door Praying Mantis “Pi Men Tang Lang” Kung Fu


• Brief history of Pi-Men (Secret Door) Mantis

• 12 Fundamental techniques of the Mantis clearly shown

• Tang-Lang Shou Chuan (Praying Mantis Hand Boxing)

• Secret Door Tang Lang applications

• First line of Po-An 2 man set

• 5 Organ and Fa-Chin Mantis Chi Kung Master


Secret Door Praying Mantis is the most secretive of all mantis styles. Now here is a tape on it by Su Yu-Chang who learned from the only teacher to ever bring it to Taiwan: Chang Te-Kuei. One of its unusual characteristics is that many movements were designed to defend against other mantis styles.

This Tape is in the Chinese language only, and includes the Following.


About the Master: Su Yu-Chang was born in Taiwan in 1940. Starting Kung Fu training at the age of 7, he studied with such legendary masters as Chang Te-Kuei, Wei Hsiang-Tang, Li Kuen-Shan and Liu Yun-Chiao. From these masters he learned Praying Mantis, BaJi, PiGua, BaGua, Tai Chi, and Xing Yi styles. So astonishing was his early career he was given the nickname "Lightening Fist" a title that, even in his 60's he still Holds True.

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