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Aikido Self Defense DVD

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Aikido Self Defense DVD

This amazing DVD contains approximately 5 full hours of Aikido martial arts training from 4 different Senseis (masters of the art).

The 4 selections cover:

  • Fundamental principals of aikido: the center, the stop point, uke's role, balance, reversals and counter moves.
  • Aikido moves and wrist locks to immobilize or redirect your opponent.
  • Adaptations and many more specific moves that are far too numerous to list here.

However, some of the more specific moves covered are:

·         Beginners and advance movements & techniques

·         1st thru 5th wrist techniques

·         Kneeling position techniques

·         Head strike and defense

·         Wrist turning throws

·         Four directional throw

·         Wrist lock and forearm defense

·         Front and rear shoulder grab throws

·         Controlling and manipulating your opponent’s movement

·         Center positioning and balance

·         Effortless movements and techniques

… And much, much more!

bought this on ebay awhile back just sending it back to the sea that is ebay  enjoy  

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