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This area of instruction is much needed no matter what style an individual trains in or no matter what rank an individual claims to have. Mr. Saladino provides excellent information and training tools on how to effectively fall and roll in a variety of scenarios. This is highly important should an individual get thrown down, need to escape from an attack or would like a new exercise routine to build conditioning and fitness. This will help to enhance any Martial Arts style. Approx 47 minsThis video review is from another video done by this seller. This item will ship 2-3 day U.S. Priority Mail.
In this 1st tape of the Jiu Joe Jitsu Self Defense series, Mr. Saladino really shines as he shows how the techniques of karate, aiki-jujitsu, and jujitsu can all be combined for street lethal self defense. This tape, titled "Beginning Jujitsu", gets right into the "meat of things", has no fluff, and is one of the best beginner tapes we've seen on incorporating these various techniques. It definitely has within it a Vee JuJitsu flavor, yet leaves out alot of the excessive talk and repetitive drills found on other Vee type tapes we've seen such as Black & Blue's. 
In this tape there are about 10 primary self defense techniques shown. However the sub-categories and variations of each are numerous. What Mr. Saladino shows on this tape, in our opinion, would keep a "Beginning Jujitsu" student happily busy for quite some time. (It's definitely worth it's $29.95 price tag.) This allowed the tape to score high in all categories. In fact, forget about finding shelf space to keep this tape. I predict you'll want to keep it right next to your VCR for quick access. 

Some of the techniques were shown 6 times, 3 times on each side. Usually this would have a tape scoring low on our "Wasted Time" criteria. Due to the techniques shown, and the sub-components of each, this much replay was needed. Mr. Saladino's...

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