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WADO RYU KARATE Instructional Series (6) DVD Set

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WADO RYU KARATE Instructional Series (6) DVD Set with DAVID DEATON

DVD 1:  Wado Ryu fundamentals - Warm ups, conditioning, exercises, stances, footwork, blocks, punches, kicks, and more.

DVD 2:  Wado Ryu Katas Volume 1 - Includes the first basic kata and the 5 pinan katas.

DVD 3:  Wado Ryu Katas Volume 2 - Includes Kusanku, Naihanchi, Chinto, and Seisan katas.

DVD 4:  Wado Ryu Katas Volume 3 - Includes Passai, Jion, Jitte, and Niseishi.

DVD 5:  Wado Ryu Sparring Techniques - Over 20 offensive and 20 defensive sparring techniques are covered in this volume.

DVD 6:  Wado Ryu Self Defense - Learn to escape an assault unharmed. Includes techniques against chokes, headlocks, wrist locks, rear grabs, and more.


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