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Fairtex HG14 Full Face Headguard HeadGear Helmet Boxing Head Guard Thai Boxing K-1 MMA Head Gear Guard Protective Muay Thai by Fairtex

  • Reinforced Cheek and Chin Padding. Velcro Strap to Offer Secure Fit
  • Made from 100% Thai Leather
  • Adjustable Padded Hook & Loop Closure on Back Head.

Farabi Head Guard Boxing MMA Muay Thai Workout Practice, Full Face Headguard Head Protector headgear by Farabi Sports

  • Farabi Synthetic leather head guard series is made from the...
  • Equipped with adjustable wide Swift-Z Velcro closure system for...
  • The internal Tri- layered PU-X padding provide extra protection to...

Farabi Head Guard Boxing MMA Muay Thai Workout Practice, Full Face Headguard Head Protector headgear by Farabi Sports

  • Equipped with adjustable wide Swift-Z Velcro closure system for...
  • Farabi Synthetic leather head guard series is made from the...
  • Specially designed vented holes for ears with additional cotton-X...

Farabi Hear Guard Boxing MMA Muay Thai Workout Practice, Full Face Headguard Head Protector headgear Boxing Helmet Martial Arts Helmet Kickboxing jiu jitsu karate (Medium) by Farabi

  • Equipped with tri layered Pad-X technology, this head guard series...
  • Equipped by Z-Smart Velcro closure system this head guard can be...
  • The internal Nano-G fabric wicks the moisture and contain...

Fairtex HG13 Head Guard - Full Head Cover Version for Boxing Muay Thai MMA (Black/Black, M) by Bangplee_Sport

  • Padded velcro strap on the rear
  • HG13 Full Head Cover Version
  • Great protection for your cheeks and nose

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    The Angler’s Head ... for maximum protection, while 100 percent polarization kills reflected glare and reduces eyestrain. Features include a non-slip Hydrolite lining that keeps the shades in place without you having to push them up your nose every ...


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11. TITLE Boxing Face Protector Training Headgear – $89
11. TITLE Boxing Face Protector Training Headgear – $89
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Nose Guards
Boxing Nose Guard
Boxing Nose Guard

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